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Teens Take Control Program


Teen Mentoring Program


Core Strength Fitness is honoured to invite you to be part of the TEENS TAKE CONTROL program. Core Strength Fitness is much more than a gym, fitness or martial arts centre it’s a community of people and families who want the best for their mind, body and soul. As the parents of 3 beautiful girls owners Brenden & Antoinette know first-hand the issues our families face in today’s world.


The TAKE CONTROL program developed by Brenden and Antoinette Wilkins is backed by Troy and Natasha Leviston from Plumbers Queensland. To ensure it reaches the students that need it most Troy and his team have gained the support and funding from other local business to deliver the program totally FREE to a select number of kids. The TAKE CONTROL program is more than just a sport, activity or any other martial arts program in Queensland. Yes the kids will learn authentic martial arts and practical self-defense, but the real objective of our program is to lead them to discover their true potential and be the best they can be, physically, mentally and emotionally. One of the most psychologically beneficial aspects of martial arts training is the increase in self-confidence.


Many Australians live in fear of being attacked. We have all been in situations where our self confidence has been questioned. Many people feel this insecurity walking down the street at night, or facing a bully at school. Beating everyone up (physical violence) is obviously not a reasonable solution. Learning self-defense increases the self confidence of participants by taking away their feeling of vulnerability. The goal is not to teach people to fight those who argue or disagree, but to teach them to defend themselves when necessary. Confidence allows you to remain calm during difficult situations. By remaining calm, one can assess the situation more clearly and act appropriately. When faced with a confronting situation, those with the confidence and capability of defending themselves are more likely to resolve a potentially violent situation than those who cannot defend themselves. As an extra, the Take Control program goes further in depth if and when required with individual mentoring for students who really need that extra help with direction, motivation & inspiration.


Expect life changing results.


We know that raising children and young adults these days isn’t easy. Youth face challenges we never dreamed of before: unhealthy food, adult content and violence on TV, drugs in school, bullies, gangs, and predators on the internet…..It seems as though there’s been a complete moral breakdown and too many of our young are painfully lacking in the confidence, focus, discipline and self-esteem required to becoming even moderately successful.That’s why we’ve created a unique curriculum that integrates traditional martial arts and training with a personal development philosophy that’s guaranteed to bring real, lasting improvements in life’s key areas to help our youth achieve. We will teach and train your students to control their impulses and behave appropriately even when things don’t go the way they want them to.


Do your students have a hard time staying focused on anything other than video games?


Our program will dramatically improve your student’s ability to concentrate and pay attention. We have been told that after just a few lessons many of our student’s behavior had changed dramatically. (See testimonies on page)Fitness & Health, more children today are overweight than ever before. Statistics show that 7 out of 10 children are above their ideal weight. But it’s not just the health risks we need to be concerned about. Chubby kids are picked-on more in school. They get single out in groups, picked last in sports and as a result have low self-esteem. Our classes will provide your child with a fun, non-competitive yet challenging workouts that even the most non athletic kids love. Your child’s fitness levels will improve significantly through our complete workout, building strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, endurance, improve reflexes, speed, and agility. During our classes our student’s; adults and children, are taught to work together and have respect for themselves and each other. At the start of session they are expected to greet their teacher and fellow students with a hand shake. During the session they will work together and encourage each other to complete each drill. At the end they all line up and one at a time they will walk forward and shake each coach’s hand followed by each other.


Not only is this program guaranteed to work for your students! They will actually enjoy the process!







What kids will learn

Week 1 UNIT 1; Discipline & Fitness:

  • Introduction

  • Gym rules

  • Home rules

  • School rules

  • Respect

  • Fitness 

  • Flexibility

  • Nutrition

Week 2 & 3 UNIT 2; Jiu Jitsu Basics:

  • Breaking falls

  • forward/ Backward Rolls

  • Hip escapes

  • ground position - Guard, Side Control, mount, Back mount.

  • Takedowns & Defense

  • Sparring Techniques

  • Headlock choke defense

  • Grab escapes

Week 4 & 5 UNIT 3; Muay Thai Basics:


  • how to make a fist

  • stance & guard

  • punch block protection

  • foot work movements

  • Basic punch technique - jab, cross, hook, uppercut

  • Combinations

  • How to hold focus and kick pads

  • Agility and flexibility 

Week 6 & 7 UNIT 4; revise & Combine skills:


  • Revise the individual skill sets

  • Co-ordinate the skills from the first three units to confidently use in a defensive situation

Week 8 UNIT 5; Anti- Bullying/ Stanger danger:

  • Understand what bullies look for in their victims

  • How to cope with a bully; aggresion and conflict resolution

  • How not to be targeted

  • Projecting a confident attitude

  • Run to safety


How they will learn it

In this lesson we will introduce ourselves, experiences & qualifications to the students. We will then give each student a course booklet which outlines the rules & skills they will be learning and what they will achieve once they have completed the course

This is the self defense part of our training to avoid attacking with a punch or a kick to defend yourself and as most confrontations end up on the ground. Brazilian jiu jitsu teaches the student to control or subdue their attacker until help arrives

After a quick recap of the rules, we will then move to teach the students the basics of Muay Thai Boxing, using traditional and western techniques. We always prefer students to use these skills as a last resort when in a defensive situation and never to be used to inflict damage on any person...

These two lessons are where the students get to put their new skills to the test, we use sparring and roll play to give them an idea of what to do in a real life defense situation. 

On this last week we cover some anti-bullying stratergies; what it means, and how to be confident to avoid being a target...

Followed by a graduation ceremony where the students receive their certificates



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